Oct 20, 2021

7 Best Tech and SaaS Webflow Templates (2021)

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Are you looking for a great Webflow website template for your new tech or SaaS company? You had arrived the right place. We had curated a list of 7 great Webflow Templates that you can purchase now, and create your new website as easy as 1, 2, 3.

But first, in case you arrived here by accident, and you don't know what is Webflow, let's start with that. Webflow is a modern and cutting-edge no code website builder similar to WordPress, Wix or Squarespace, just more focused on the design side of things (meaning it lets you build any website design you can imagine).

And while building a website from scratch on Webflow is pretty easy too, having a template as a starting point is a great way to save time and don't worry so much about the design.

Without more to add, let's start with our curated list.

1. Technology Webflow Template

Technology is a minimal tech Webflow template designed for startups that are looking to have a very clean and simple website design. It has a total of 16 pages, including pages like Home, Features, Integrations, and more.

If you want your users to be focused on your content and avoid any kind of clutter or distractions, this is definitely the template for you.

Technology Webflow Website Template

Take a live preview of Technology Webflow Template or buy it on the Webflow Marketplace.

2. Software Webflow Template & UI Kit

Let's continue with Software Webflow Template. Software is the complete opposite of our last template (Technology) because it has a dark mode design style, perfect for startups tailored for tech savvy users like developers or video producers.

Unlike Technology, it is not only a Webflow template, but also a Webflow UI Kit, meaning that it has multiple variations of many of its pages, giving you more flexibility and freedom to choose between multiple layouts and sections design. With a total of 27 pages, it is definitely an interesting choice to consider if you are looking for this design style.

Software Webflow Template & UI Kit

You can check out a live preview of Software Webflow Template & UI Kit, or purchase it now on the Webflow Marketplace.

3. Apps Webflow Template

Now it's turn of Apps, a Webflow Template designed for companies looking to launch a business around a mobile app for iOS or Android (or both). Unlike the 2 previous options, which are focused mostly on SaaS web-apps, Apps template is completely focused on mobile.

It has a total of 15 pages, including pages like Reviews which can make it very easy for you to highlight your mobile app reviews on your website. It also comes with all the iPhone mockups to insert your app screenshots inside them and give more life to the website, so if your business works around a mobile app, this is the template for you.

Mobile App Webflow Template

Take a look at the live preview of Apps Webflow Template, or buy it on the Webflow Marketplace today.

4. Tech Webflow Template & UI Kit

On number four we have Tech, another Webflow Template & UI Kit which is a great choice if you are looking for a modern, cutting-edge tech startup look and feel. Tech template was inspired in modern SaaS websites like Stripe and Mixpanel, and is a perfect choice if you are in the B2B SaaS industry.

With a total of 27 pages, including 3 different homepages, 3 blogs and 3 careers pages, it is almost guaranteed that it will be a good fit for your B2B SaaS startup.

Tech Webflow Template and UI Kit

Take a look at the live preview of Tech Webflow Template and UI Kit, or get it on the Webflow Marketplace.

5. Crypto Webflow Template

More and more crypto and blockchain related startups are popping nowadays, so we couldn't miss a crypto Webflow template. Presenting Crypto, a dark mode crypto template with a total of 12 pages. While most Crypto startups focus on many different things, this template can be a great starting point to having a very nice design for your blockchain related business.

Also than the template itself, it includes a Figma design mockup with all the editable UI and product interfaces used in the templates, so in case you like them, you can use them for your own company.

Crypto Webflow Template

Check out a live demo of Crypto Webflow Template, or buy it on the Webflow Marketplace.

6. Saasly Webflow Template

If you are looking for a completely different, and more personal style, Saasly may be a template to consider. Saasly Webflow template was inspired in Notion, one of the hottest startups in the productivity industry.

It has a total of 12 pages, and all of them feature beautiful black and white illustrations that help bring the website to life. Just as the other templates, Saasly includes an editable Figma file so you can easily customize the design as needed.

Modern SaaS Webflow Template

See a full preview of Saasly Webflow Template, or buy it now on the Webflow Marketplace.

7. Saasy Webflow Template

Last but not least, meet Saasy. A SaaS Webflow template that follows the modern and popular blue color palette in the SaaS industry, accompanied with some nice illustrations and icons. Similar to Tech, it is a great choice if you have a B2B SaaS and are looking for a great website design for it.

Tech SaaS Webflow Template

Check out a full preview of Saasy Webflow Template, or get it now on the Webflow Marketplace.

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