Software Webflow Template & UI Kit

Software is a premium Webflow Template & UI Kit for software companies.

Software - Software SaaS Webflow Template & UI Kit

Are you looking to create an amazing website for your software startup? Presenting Software, the premium Webflow Template & UI Kit designed to help software and tech startups create amazing, cutting edge websites as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Software includes a collection of many pages, including 3 homepage variations, so you can easily choose what fits better for your startup.

Software SaaS Webflow Template & UI Kit

Not convinced yet? Discover why Software is a great template choice for your company or startup.

Software - Software SaaS Webflow Template & UI Kit - Features

  • Unique & Premium Design: Software Webflow Template & UI Kit was designed following the latest design trends of 2021. It has a cutting edge dark mode design style that will impress your visitors, and it will last for many, many years.
  • Speed Optimized: Everyone hates slow websites. That's why we optimized Software template even to the smallest detail, so you will never lose a user due to slow website speed. All the pages in your website will load lightning fast.
  • Perfect Responsive: Software Webflow Template & UI Kit was optimized in detail to have a perfect responsive design, so no matter if your users are browsing your website on a 6K monitor, on an iPad, or on any smartphone, it will always look awesome.
  • Seamless Animations: All pages and sections in the Software Template & UI Kit feature seamless appearance and interaction animations, so your users will be impressed as they navigate through your website.
  • 100% Customizable: Software Webflow Template & UI Kit was built on Webflow with easy edit ability in mind. Because of this, everything was built following the best practices to allow you easily customize it. These include: global symbols, global color swatches, global fonts, reusable classes, and much more. This way you can easily update the template to fit your company branding.
  • Webflow CMS & eCommerce: Software Webflow Template was developed using Webflow CMS and Webflow eCommerce, meaning that you can easily update parts of the website (blog, interactions, team members, job openings, etc) without even entering the Webflow Designer.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Software Webflow Template was built using the latest features and functionalities of Webflow in January 2021, and it will be constantly updated to offer you the new features released in the coming future.
Software Company Webflow Template

Software - Software SaaS Webflow Template & UI Kit - Pages

  1. Homepage v1
  2. Homepage v2
  3. Homepage v3
  4. About
  5. Blog v1 (CMS)
  6. Blog v2 (CMS)
  7. Blog v3 (CMS)
  8. Blog Post (CMS)
  9. Blog Category (CMS)
  10. Blog Author (CMS)
  11. Jobs v1 (CMS)
  12. Jobs v2 (CMS)
  13. Jobs v3 (CMS)
  14. Pricing (eCommerce)
  15. Pricing Single (eCommerce)
  16. Integrations (CMS)
  17. Integrations Single (CMS)
  18. Contact
  19. Sign In
  20. Sign Up
  21. Forgot Password
  22. Reset Password
  23. Email Confirmation
  24. Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy
  25. Style Guide
  26. Password Protected
  27. 404 Not Found
Software Webflow Template & UI Kit

Software - Software SaaS Webflow Template & UI Kit - Support

Software Webflow Template & UI Kit was built to be very easily editable and customizable, however, if you ever find any bug, have a question or issue, or just want to reach out to say hello, we are always available at - The BRIX Templates team will be happy to help you.

On the other hand, if you ever need advanced help to customize Software template to fit your software company, or just need some help to build any other amazing Webflow website, feel free to get in touch with our Webflow Agency. The team behind BRIX Templates will be happy to help you.

Take a look at some of the great features that make our Webflow Templates stand out from the crowd.
Premium Design
We craft beautiful designs that will make your website wow your users and stand out from the crowd.
Built for Speed
No one likes slow websites, that’s why our templates offer the fastest possible load and performance.
Perfectly Responsive
Perfect responsive so your users experience is great from a 32” monitor, or the smallest phone in the market
Flexible Design
Our templates are based on blocks, so you can re-use these to create the perfect layout for your website.
Seamless Animations
Carefully crafted animations to deliver a seamless and special browsing experience to your users.
100% Customizable
All our templates are easily customizable with Webflow tools, without touching any custom code.
CMS Structure
CMS-powered Webflow templates so you can easily scale your website without the hassle.
Always Up-to-Date
Our templates are constantly updated, so you can always enjoy the latest Webflow features available.
And much, much more!
Each Webflow Template designed by our team is carefully designed to always deliver you and your users the best experience possible.
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