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At BRIX Templates, we help great companies & startups build beautiful, high-converting and scalable websites using Webflow.

Webflow Agency

Discover why BRIX Templates is not just the typical web design & development agency.
Premium Design
We design beautiful websites that look awesome, are highly conversion-focused, and communicate the right brand message.
Speed Optimized
You don’t want to ever lose a customer due to slow website speed, that’s why we optimize your load speed even to the smallest detail.
Perfectly Responsive
We ensure all your users have a seamless browsing experience no matter if they are on a 32” 6K display, a tablet, or the smallest phone.
Modular Design
All design & development is done based on a design system, so all components are modular and built for scalability.
Fully Animated
Static is boring, that’s why we create custom animations to offer your users a seamless browsing experience.
Automation Ready
We help you automate your website using NoCode Tools. From simple tasks, to complex work to create leverage with automation.
CMS Structure
All websites built by our team are based on Webflow-CMS, so you can make website updates even without touching the editor.
Built for Iteration
Change is the only constant. That’s why we always build websites in a way that it’s easy to iterate them, so you can update things on the fly.
Our Process
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1. Idea
We start with a planning call to understand all your needs, goals and requirements. Once with that, we organize an action plan to get started.
2. Design
We create a design mockup of your website, and present it to you to start the iteration process. In this way, we ensure you love the final design.
3. Development
We start the website build on Webflow following the best web development practices, to ensure you have a top notch, high performing website.
4. Launch & Maintenance
We help you launch your website seamlessly, and then train your team on how to edit, manage, iterate and scale your new website.

Webflow NoCode Agency

We work with all the powerful tools you already know and love. Our service don’t just ends with your website, instead, we help you to integrate powerful NoCode tools to automate your workflow.
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